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About Us


Vibe Toning & Wellness Studio uses medical grade, Health Canada approved, Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technologies.  The Slimwave EMS technology, enables natural exercise safely and effortlessly to create slenderness, inch loss, firmness and strength. 

We offer Full body EMS treatments for multiple applications including, toning, weight loss, muscle regeneration, and body sculpting using Slimwave patented technology. We also offer facial contouring treatments that provide non surgical facelift results. 

Celluma LED  Facial Light Therapy sessions also available  that can target specific concerns such as anti-aging, acne prone skin, scar reduction, and overall improving skin tone and increasing detoxification. We also stock an exclusive retail line of hair and skin products which are available for purchase, our skin care line is used on all clients that enjoy our facial contouring treatments. Every client who buys a qualifying body package will receive a bonus LED Light therapy treatment complimentary during every treatment ($750 value).

The Extra's

.Every Client who visits Vibe, will quickly understand what sets us apart from our competitors. Our spa, which is situated in our picturesque family home,  will not disappoint. We have spared no expense to make it a high quality, relaxing spa experience, to rival the most upscale medical spa locations. Enjoy our daily fruit water selection in your own personal water pouch to enjoy during your treatment and a refill to keep you hydrated on your drive home. Every client can choose from 12 essential oils to be infused into the cooling cloths used throughout the treatment to keep you refreshed,  and after your treatment for a quick clean up. Choose your own music each time, or let us know your favorite genre and we will have it cued up for your next visit. All clients receiving any facial treatments will have their choice of makeup remover based on skin type and can expect to be treated to a quality moisturizer application after, including our 30 second eye miracle serum. For a limited time, any body packages purchased, will include a complimentary Celluma Led light therapy treatment at each session ($750 value) free of charge. 

Expert Staff 

Our trained technicians are fully certified by Slimwave technologies, a Health Canada approved manufacturer of this top of the line EMS system. We use only medical grade equipment and Health Canada approved supplies throughout our treatments and for our disinfecting and cleaning practices. During Covid, we are taking all precautions, technicians will be wearing N95 masks with gloves during treatment. All sanitizers are medical grade and hand sanitizer is available for clients as well as disposable masks.

Quality Service‚Äč

We are passionate about what we do at Vibe, we aren't just technicians, we are clients. We want every minute from the time you walk in the door until you leave to be relaxing and enjoyable while you burn calories and detox your whole body. The technology used in the Slimwave system was designed for astronauts in space to effortlessly work their muscles and reduce atrophy. Many Olympic teams have utilized this amazing technology to assist in training their athletes, to get the best results possible and reach the inner depths of the muscles. 

We offer multiple packages and treatment options to tailor your program to you. We provide counselling on how to make easy to implement lifestyle changes that can greatly expedite individual results depending on your goal.